Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Battle.net Merge and PVP UI

First, I want to apologize for the delay in getting my UI posted. I actually just got done redoing my entire UI, which is the main reason I delayed the post.

That said, this post about battle.net probably comes a bit late. I want to make sure people fully understand, that BEFORE you merge to battle.net, you MUST to a full virus scan shakedown of your computer. Many people have had keyloggers on their machines that have remained dormant and undetected for quite some time. Since merging to battle.net requires you to enter all full account information, these keyloggers are activating and sending this information to the gold selling hackers.

Battle.net is SAFE. So, before you merge, I strongly advice you to check out THIS THREAD. Malwarebytes has been a very good malware scanner for many people, finding stuff other things find. You should be running antivirus, so make sure that is up to date, but also run malwarebytes free scanner to look for anything your AV might have missed. Remember you should only have ONE antivirus active scanning program on your machine. (active scanning, meaning it runs all the time every time a file is touched or accessed) Malwarebytes free version, spybot, etc, are NOT active scanners.

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